Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution Sydney aims at supporting the customer’s growth by providing the best value in letterbox distribution and ensuring that each targeted road, street household, commercial and industrial property receives the promotional material without fail every time.
Our professional walkers are managed, monitored and tracked utilizing GPS to make sure that the promotional material is being distributed in a timely, professional and accurate manner throughout Sydney.

GPS Tracked Delivery

You need proof that all your carefully designed marketing materials have been delivered as agreed. At Flyer Distribution Sydney we satellite track all our distribution rounds as standard so that we can provide you with the evidence and assurance you deserve.

How GPS Tracking Works

All our distributors wear an individual satellite tracking device which records their location once every 5 seconds.
This continuous stream of location data forms a “snail trail” of that distributor’s journey, detailing each street they’ve distributed to. This can be seen on a map.
Other information recorded includes the duration of the distributor’s journey and how many miles were travelled.
All this GPS data is compiled by us and then sent to you for your perusal.